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Navarre, FL 32566


To reach new heights and set the standard in efficiency and performance in telecommunications and network engineering.


**10 years experience in telecommunications providing voice and data communications in the wireless and wire line industries with an emphasis on project management and problem solving.

**Technical expertise in RF Engineering, RF design, spectrum planning and performance optimization.

**Strong in IT support and management, including switch/server/client networks in Windows environments that require enhanced security and backup of data on structured timelines.

**Versatile, passionate and successful experience in problem solving from the customer premise which would include “last mile” wire line facilities such as VoIP CPE equipment through T1 transmission to the Central Office mainframe and beyond via DS3, OC3, OC12 and OC48 backbone ATM and TDM networks.

**Capable of utilizing Office applications of Word, Excel, Access and Powerpoint effectively as well as many other software applications pertinent in today’s business environment.



IT Specialist, Pensacola, FL 2009

**Currently responsible for several clients’ networks in the Pensacola area. This position is highly demanding in multiple layers of the OSI model. This would include: Windows Small Business Server management, Exchange Server 2003, software application install and maintenance such as Quickbooks, Tax Pro, Trend Micro, Microsoft Office and Exchange; CPE equipment install and configuration, switching, routing, wiring and PBX management.


VoiP Telephony Engineer, Southeast LA 2008

**Was responsible for the Nortel CS2K VoiP switch built on a Nortel DMS1000 command structure. Provided daily health checks on the CMT, CBM and the Core modules as well as replaced components during upgrades and repairs. Provisioned and augmented local and long distance trunks for the Southeast LA Charter voice customers.

**Produced schedules and implementation plans for intrusive maintenances of voice data and video platforms.

**Provided support in hurricane recovery efforts by coordinating voice repairs in the switch from a technical standpoint.

**Coordinated efforts to install and integrate the Cisco 15454 ONS Transport Platform.

**Became proficient in configuring Nuera Voice Gateways, White Rock Muxing Equipment and Cedar Point switches.

**Maintained a Cisco 15454 ONS Transport Router with Cisco’s CTC GUI. Functioned within an IP Engineering team installing servers and running fiber connections.

2005-2008 SPRINT NEXTEL, CORP., Navarre, FL

RF Engineer, Field Engineering and Operations, Navarre, FL, 2006-2008

System Performance Engineer, Field Engineering, Albany, GA, 2005-2006

**Responsible for the design, planning and execution of cell site additions, capacity increase and cellular site repair for regions that included all of rural south Georgia as well as Panama City, Destin, Fort Walton and Pensacola Beach.

**Worked with local government officials in providing communications solutions for law enforcement to increase seamless access in direct benefit to the community in Leesburg, Georgia.

**Trained new engineers to increase team productivity and provided an example of the standard operating procedures set forth by management.

**Provided local market knowledge to regional and national design teams for greater efficiency in other markets to enhance and improve the Nextel brand.

**Successful, measurable results in Albany, Georgia provided an opportunity to go from a 35 site market with little complexity to the highest revenue and complex market for Nextel Partners of 85 sites in Destin and Panama City.

**Responsible for providing spectrum planning and choosing FCC approved frequencies that would minimize interference in our network as well as competitors networks that operated in the 800 MHz band.

**Provided capacity engineering based on customer utilization of the network and procuring company resources efficiently to balance customer satisfaction and company profitability.

**Performed all testing responsibilities with regard to proper RF output for the iDEN network utilizing Agilent, T-Berd and other test equipment pertinent in determining appropriate RSSI and SQE uplink and downlink signals.

**Daily tasks have included statistical analysis of over 1500 Base Radios, interaction with up to 5 Field Techs in the coordination and oversight of repair to degraded or offline equipment within the network.

2000-2005, Network Telephone Inc., Pensacola, FL

Surveillance Technician, Net Ops, Pensacola, FL, 2004-2005

Field Services Technician/Support, Field Ops, Baton Rouge, LA, 2002-2004

Warehouse Supervisor, Accounting, Pensacola, FL, 2000-2002

**Designed, negotiated, planned and executed outfitting a fleet of 50 field technician vans with equipment and consumables for VoDSL installation and maintenance of a 13 state telecommunications network.

**Maintained a $15m inventory, negotiated pricing and established procedures for the CLEC to ensure rapid response of equipment needed to build-out a VoDSL network.

**Assisted in the build-out from the ground up of a 7RE DRM and Copper Mountain DSLAM network for voice and data services on a Lucent 5E platform collocated in a Bell South CO for 1000’s of customers in the south Louisiana area.

**Strong in troubleshooting CPE equipment remotely or on-sight which would include Cisco, Linksys, Adtran, Netopia as well as a wide array of lesser known CPE.

**While a NOC technician, configured Cisco routers, Adtran DSLAM’s, Copper Mountain DSLAM’s, various MUX’s, DAC’s, Lucent soft switches, conventional switches and a wide array of other routing and switching equipment vital to a functioning voice and data network.

**Promoted along with 2 other capable field technicians to a new department that was designed to support over 50 field technicians on complex customer issues that could not be resolved through standard processes and procedures.