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Chris Chambers

Brian Devon Bowman
Clearfield, KY 40313

To obtain a position in the field of telecommunications and to apply my technical knowledge and skills with the chance of advancement in today’s technology.

Qualifications- The installation of the following equipment:
Motorola Switch installation and integration
Motorola BTS maintenance, test, integration, and installs.
Nortel DMS- 100, 250, and 500 Nortel Access Node and Access Node Express
Nortel HDT Nortel ENC (E-Net) DTEI, DPC
Nortel DTE, LCG, LCE Nortel OC-3, OC-48, OC-192
Nortel LTC True Position LMU-N (E-911 Upgrade)
Nortel 502 Upgrade (CNI) Nortel S8000, S12000 (wireless cabinets)
Sprint ION Xylan Omni Router
Fujitsu FLM 2400 Titan and other tellabs equipment
Siemans EWSD Switches Alcatel 1630, 1631, 1603, 1610, ADSL1000
Nortel SPME Ericsson 882, 2102, 2106, 2202, 2206, Hybrid, RBS2000
Assorted manufactures batteries, strings, racks, and distribution cabinets

Mount GPS and downlink antennas with polly-phasers/ surge arresters and grounds
Can operate all electronic equipment necessary to obtain RF and mechanical surveys
SMA and QMA connectors
RJ-45 and RJ-11 connectors
Install, Test, Integration, and Maintenance of True Position LMU, Ericsson BTS, Nortel BTS, and Motorola BTS.
Level, mount, and anchor all Central Office equipment, and BTS equipment.
Can read and understand all job related blueprints and MOP’s
Can do site surveys including RF and mechanicals
Have knowledge of OSHA guidelines and protocol
Have worked on numerous job sites as lead installer
Experience with the following:
All Central Office power and ground cables including 750, 500, and 350 power cables, lugging. H-taps and C-tapping various sizes of power and alarm cables with the necessary crimpers and dies
+24 and -48 battery systems
forming, terminating, and lacing coaxial, data, power, and Ethernet cables
DSX, fuse, and alarm systems
Fiber duct trays
Working inside energized rectifiers and power distribution cabinets
Hot slides
Wire wrapping, punch down, and using color codes
Fiber optics including splicing and cam lighting
Installation and handling of circuit packs using ESD bands
Nortel bar coding procedures and bar coders
Installing new Ericsson 882 equipment in Cingular cell sites, as well as removing Hues equipment

T-Mobile Cingular Wireless
Bell South Bell Atlantic
Alcatel Northern Telecom
Motorola Nortel

Rowan County Senior High
Spencer Technologies Inc. Certified Central Office Installation (February 2000)
1 yr College (Morehead State)

Certified Motorola BTS and switch installer
Certified Ericsson RBS Installer
Certified Quest Installer
Certified Nortel Installer
Certified BNC connectors
Certified 3/m composite fire stopping
Certified Alcatel Installer
Safety and First Aid
Certified AT&T Installer
Asbestos Awareness Certified
Bell South Certification
Bell Atlantic Certification
Southwestern Bell Certification

Last job was with Ajilon for 3 years doing Motorola BTS ,SPME’S and testing, installing, and integration and switch installation.


Eathan Carter Jay Kitchell
Infracell Inc. Ajilon Communications
RF field tech. {800}843-6910
(606) 743- 3609
Chris Chambers
Chris Chambers
Infracell Inc.
RF field tech.
(606) 356-2256


05-2007 TO 03-2008
Tri-State Installers
2526 Dayton Road
Springfield,OH 45506

Done the mounting of dish,running of the cables,
Finding signel, and activition of system.{ Directtv,Dish Network, WildBlue}