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Rebecca M Ynostroza


To obtain a full time position within the Outside construction support, or Administrative Management position.

Two years consulting to at&t Inc. as Engineer Administrative Assistant, supporting the FTTN project, bringing Fiber for Internet, video and excelled telephone service to customers.

Four years consulting to AT&T as Outside Inspector, and Contract Administrator, supporting Pronto project, bringing DSL to customers.

Thirty years with AT&T (Pacific Bell, SBC) Administrator, Splicing Technician, and Contractor Administrator

• 2006-2008 CHC Consulting Inc.

Administrative Manager to Engineers.
Providing Engineers, Contract Administrators, and Outside Inspectors information on Public Utility Easements, digital recorded maps and records. Keeping logs, memorandums and files related to the construction build. Work with outside entities, such as County, City, and Real Estate manager, and Customers. Prioritized and completed multiple assignment.

• 2003-2006 LYLE CO

Administrative Manager as Document Manager.
Overseeing 12-15 personnel to enter data, copy, scan, and file lease documents for AT&T. Worked with customers, and AT&T managers providing information and changes to existing leases or new leases. This also included keeping records and providing evaluations to personnel.

• 1998-2003 Randstad, North Star Communications, Complus Communications.

Outside Plant Inspector/ Contract Administrator.
Overseeing all under ground, and above ground placements for Pacific Bell. This included placing conduit, cable, underground vaults, and above ground equipment for Pronto Project. Working with outside contractors, other Utilities, County and City Inspectors, and Engineers to complete build in the field. Working with Contract Administrators to insure all jobs were completed per safety and quality specifications.

• COMPUTER SKILLS: Knowledge of basic pc operations such as data entry, Windows XP, Windows NT, Excel. Various programs used by at&t for billing and record management of projects. Ability to adapt to company used computer programs to compete projects.