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Willow Eaton Cherry IT Development, Service, and    Telecommunications Integration and Customer Acquisitions

  • Proficient in: Basic, DOS, sh (UNIX), Pascal
  • Familiar with: HTML5, CSS, PHP, Database Development &    Administration, Java, Flash

Software & Technologies

  • Database: FileMaker, MySQL integration, and Microsoft     Server Administration
  • Platforms: Windows Server 2003, 2008 R2, IIS, Solaris, Apache,    Linux/Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, Windows    7, XP, Vista, Linux/Solaris, IBM
  • Other: Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft    Office, Compass, Bomgar, Apple IOS & Google Android, LAN/WAN connectivity native apps


Technical Support Lead and Database Development Feb 2010 – Present
Xerox  – Lexington, Ky

  • Provide tech support for Apple,    including FileMaker, over 90% Windows server platforms
  • Train APPLE employees for IT Support    and Customer Service with advanced methodology
Telecommunications Integration,    Project Management Dec 2007 – Dec 2009
AT&T  – Winchester

  • Designed    a website for APEX for nationwide inventory project after Cingular merger.
  • Managed up to 60 employees including    customer deliverables, internal HR, Payroll, etc.
Freelance Work, Nortel ;Software Testing    / Integration Oct 1996 – Dec 2007
  • SAGE Group CompTIA Telecommunications Integration Instructor for    Windstream Telecommunications.
  • Telecommunications Operations:    Verizon, AT&T, Nortel, Ericsson, Motorola, Cisco         Installation, Testing, integration and commissioning of telecommunication    nodes > 500


Online University Virginia 2009
Charleston, WV

  • Cisco October 2010: CCNT; VPN, Routers, Switches,    Proxy/Firewall Administration
  • Commissioned Routers, Switches and other    Central Office Equipment
Nortel Certifications  1992 – 1995
Pasadena, CA

  • Site Team Leadership POC, Single Point Quality,    Operational Testing, E-Net conversion, Software & Hardware Testing, DIRP;    DPP, Line/Trunk Switching Translations, OSHA certs
  • Wrote DPP conversion Method of    Procedure published nationwide for Nortel

Affiliations & Interests

  • CompTIA, VOIP Integration, TCP/IP    layer Network modeling, OSI, IPv4, & Packet Analyzer’s
  • Can managed teams with up to 60    employees, 20 directly for the APEX project, and > 15 for the Apple BOMGAR    project, also acted as Apple FileMaker POC for Xerox, but enjoy hands on most


Dec. 2009 – Present                                                                   Xerox – Lexington, KY   Team  Lead: Provide tech support for Apple, including FileMaker, over 90% Windows  server platforms

Train  APPLE employees for IT Support and Customer Service using advanced troubleshooting  methodology

Jan. 2009 – Dec 2009                                                                 AT&T – Winchester, KY   Project  Management, Network Installation, Testing and Integration

Supported  teams in the field installing Cisco, Calix, Tellabs, and other Network Backbone  infrastructure

Aug. 2007 – Dec. 2008 AT&T – Winchester, KY   Instructor and Project Manager  for AT&T Nationwide Remote Terminal and CO Data Collection   Responsible for 20-60 field  engineers while managing project operations, budget margins and carrying a  market region through successful resolution. To do this required a quality  process flow and customer support network including 5 managers across 2  departments. With our field team, involving development of the APEX Field  Inventory System through directed collaboration of the .NET framework on the  software side, and a number of interface issues with a wide variety of PC  peripherals using different OS versions interfacing AT&Ts fiber networks  and OSP equipment.

Feb. 2007 – ongoing Sage Group – Berea, KY   Instructor: VOIP Convergence:  TIA/CTP Certification for Windstream Inc.   This project includes  administering instruction, supervising labs and tests to both Engineers and  Managers for CTP Certification. The Telecommunications Industry Association  (TIA) Convergence Technologies Professional (CTP) certification validates that  an individual has the core knowledge and skills required by the equipment  manufacturers, their channel partners, and end users to sell and service  convergence technologies. The CTP Certification exam validates convergence  industry standards and protocols, infrastructure, signaling, basic telephony,  Voice Over IP (VOIP), network convergence, and most skills required to perform  operations related to these technologies.

Nov. 2006 – Feb. 2007 Windstream Inc. – London, KY   Central Office SONET project   This project included multiple  configurations for CO Switching, Transport / Sonet switched Networks as well as  customized software scripting and support for vendors including: Nortel Optical  and switching (OC48, TransportNode OC12, OC3, AccessNode), Calix (UNIX),  Tellabs DAX, Cisco, Fujitsu, Juniper, ADC, Edelink, Lucent, AdTran (multiple  DSL/HDSL DSLAM carrier subsystems), General DataComm, Telect, Cascade, Corning,  and AT&T. Here the goal accomplished was to troubleshoot many issues on the  network; data fill assessment and escalation, to ensure alarm free operations  moving forward with the present configuration on all equipment within the  network. Provided PC / IT support in a Power Meter network map generation to  allow power line networking (PLN) integration, and gained a General  Radiotelephone Operator Permit and attained FRN# 0016130387.

Feb. 2006 – Nov. 2006 Verizon Wireless, – Memphis TN   Operations, Maintenance, Test  & Verification, Project Management   After training for Wireless UMTS  and 3G in Florida; The Nortel NI Project for Wireless CO switches and the  Succession Media Gateway included mixed voice and data/VOIP end user  applications, debugging Traffic Analysis as well as CDMA & PSTN backbone  cutovers. From the MG9K’s, XA core, USP, SDM, and multiple Cisco and Passport  routers using Meridian PBX systems, performing billing, call through, feature,  ESA and alarm certification testing, data fill assessment escalation, project  completion and general PMBOK principles. Also certified circuit integrity, and  engineered transmission information between gateway solutions and current PSTN  elements, . Alarms and operation critical information certified for various  other elements: BCM 50, Passport 15K, SMA2’s, SPM (MG4), Optera Metro, SAM 21,  UAS, Media Gateway 9000 and edgelinks. Commission, debug and operations of  various GUI interface applications for the new soft switching technologies and  other connecting network elements such as the Passport(PVG), Juniper, Solaris,  Sun Microsystems, and relative installation and testing equipment from a  variety of vendors using UNIX OS and MS Project, PowerPoint, Office, Visio,  integration of new Ericsson RNC with older, operational node B BTS & RNC  Nortel Norstats and network integration and customer technical support.

Oct. 2004 – Feb. 2006 Triangle Building Products Inc. – Lexington, KY   Generated Corporate Website and  went on to Northern Region Sales, Operations, and Billing Management in both  corporate and residential construction projects for a new branch of the growing  company.

Aug. 1999 – Sep. 2004 Wilmom Telecommunications Inc. – Totowa, NJ   Operations   Performed as liaison for Wilmom  and Nortel Networks, their customers’ engineering facilities and the local IBEW  shop communications division in the northeast included training Union Forman to  install and test Nortel’s switch (mobile and land line), OC platforms and other  carrier equipment as well as managing a weekly payroll useing software  applications including MS Project, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Visio, Outlook, some  TurboCAD and many proprietary vendor packages and UNIX debugging.

March 1999 – Aug. 1999   Atlas Communications – Blue  Bell, PA   1. Network Operations Center  Project Manager   I was responsible for the  building and implementation of their Network Operations Center. Engineered  plans for the internal network circuitry nailed up IMT’s, and maintenance  policy development were some duties while bringing up three DMS GSP in  conjunction with their existing Seimens switch for their international switched  network. Integrating the Seimens IO architecture required intense education in  the field of third party software provisioning, network management, CDR  database management, and emergency response software provided by companies  using CORBA such as Megasys, Nortel, Tellabs, Harris, TTI Telecom, Micromuse,  and others. Also trained team members on both switch and carrier systems,  testing / turn up of DS1, DS3, T1, T3, and general DSX.   Nextel Communications –  Philadelphia, PA   2. Network Operations Center –  Operations Instruction Consultant   Worked with Motorola equipment,  iDEN and VSELP encoding technology from the NOC center. Also instructed with  DMS-MSC translations and maintenance scripts, installing and testing base  stations, dynamic bandwidth allocation (VSELP and general TDMA) and learned  more about Ericsson’s mobile switching (PCS) platforms. Also worked with: T1,  T3, DS1, DS3 OC facilities testing via T-bird, Firebird, and Tellabs DACS, and  smaller MBS’s, PBX’s, and access nodes.

Feb. 1998 – March 1999 Intermedia Communications Inc. – Philadelphia, PA   DMS 500 Switch Technician,  Central Office Manager   Duties included installation and  testing of customer circuits through multiple CLEC’s. I was responsible for DMS  500 maintenance, OCC circuit install and testing, maintenance policy  development, DMS 500 Switching Translations, TDMA, CCS7 / PBX / LAN / WAN and  ATM (Frame Relay/Internet) field engineering. While serving as area IS support,  created an internal web site and circuit database for independent field updates  and use, helping solve engineering issues. Also worked with: T1, T3, OC  facilities testing T-bird t224 and other models, Firebird, Ethernet, and  Tellabs DACS (Titan 5500) equipment, and other smaller ATM, Frame Relay  switches on the carrier side of their CO.

Feb. 1995 – Jan. 1998 Northern Telecom – Los Angeles, CA   Supervisor, Operational Software  Tester, Technical Assistance Engineer   Project Management and testing  of DMS with MS Project. Created team responsible for updating documents  released to the field. Provided technical support for field operations, and  installed and tested CCS network nodes. Worked with team to ready LA area for  Local Number Portability and SNMP and performed CO Cutover Implementation and  management. Worked with remote field technicians to solve installation issues.  Managed multiple Data bases via (UNIX OS) & HP Workstations Helped  establish ISDN PRI remote testing procedures, CO pre-checks for network  upgrades. Commissioned DMS family CO’s for Public Carrier Pacific Bell. Performed  Brisk Upgrades, Super Node CM / MS, E-Net, LIM memory and other peripheral  extensions.

April 1994 – Feb. 1995 TeleTech – Lexington, KY   Central Office Equipment  Installer, Hardware Tester   Started installing Ericsson  switches (running power and signal cable, soldering DSX, terminating power,  assembling various wired and radio based switches and peripherals). Because of  my computer skills at the time, I ended up working for Senior Engineer Marty  Emerick of Ericsson, Dallas, TX to bring his new peripheral to the market.  Engineered circuit board modifications for specific customer needs. Acted as on  site Ericsson support for MFS, nationwide.

Sep. 1990 – April 1994 Northern Telecom – Sub   Central Office Equipment  Installer   Performed DMS 100, DMS 250 and  DMS 500, Super Node & peripherals, MAP and TOPS positions installs.

EDUCATION 2009- Cisco Systems, Inc.   Hold a CCNT and  working towards CCNA 1995- 1998 Northern Telecom / Nortel   Nortel Site Team Leadership,  Single Point Quality, Operational Testing, E-Net conversion, Software &  Hardware Testing, DIRP; DPP, Line and Trunk Switching Translations 1994 Ericsson, TX (Teletech, Lexington, KY)   Ericsson Switching Certification 1989 – 1990 Eastern Kentucky University Richmond, KY   Computer Science Major, Business  Minor 1988 Lake Cumberland Tech. Lake Cumberland, KY   Welding – S.M.A.W., S.M.A.C.,  TIG, MIG Certified Also: familiar with the  redline procedures for blueprints & structural engineering