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Sale! : Blade 450 3D Electric 6 channel adjustable pitch Helicopter

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Blade 450 3DBlade 450 3D

Getting rid of the 450 electric helicopter. This will be the last tribute to its life and service. It has extra batteries for extended fly time, with stiffened aluminum tail assembly and main rotor, swash plate and blade grips. Also includes many extra replacement parts including main drive gears, frame, hull, blades and extras. It was a great helicopter but children are getting to the age they want to fly too so its time to down scale again and maybe even get a quad or two. By the time I have time to fly again myself they will probably be able to leave the atmosphere lol For those that don’t know the sheer adrenaline flying one of these puppies can bring, check out the video below showing competition fliers with a night fireworks show and night flying to beat the band. After watching that you-tube a few crash videos about the 450 models.. and please treat the hobbies responsibly. One of these babies will cut people in half. Cheers. Blade 450 3D 4128x2322 Blade 450 3D naked 4128x2322

Ode to the 450 3D

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